Things I Learned from
Dr. John Perkins – Part 1

June, 2005. I remember the day was hot and very humid. I can’t remember what Southern City we were staying at that day during our Justice Journey. All I remember from that day was sitting in a small conference room at a regional hotel chain listening to one of many amazing talks that I had heard from Dr. Perkins. That was when he said those words, “Christ is the only way we will ever have true racial reconciliation with each other. Christ is the way.”

We had already been traveling a few days together. 25 people from a primarily white church and 25 people from a primarily African American church learning about history, Godly Justice and about…well…each other.  Our seven day journey together was an intense day of truth, passion, revelation and above all…love. So after a while, I lost track of the days and became lost in the conversations, the new relationships, and the new hope that was born through everything we had learned together. The power of Christ to bring about reconciliation, mutual love, and true community is overwhelmingly real.

One of the greatest blessings of that journey and great blessings of my life was to meet and learn from Dr. John M. Perkins. I don’t know of many people who have walked on this earth who have embodied and portrayed the love of Christ more then this man.  I learned countless things from that man in our short time together. Over the next few days I want to finally write down my thoughts about just a few things I have learned from Dr. Perkins as a living reminder that I experienced the love of Christ “with skin on” when I met him and as an exhortation to carry on his legacy.

In the mean time…Here is some info to introduce you to this Kingdom Hero.

Two of my favorite books:

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