Justice – It’s personal

I recently had an opportunity to talk about something very personal to me, the subject of Godly Justice.
This is only an observation, but it seems like the concept of social justice has become popular in recent years. I think that it is critical for those of us who follow Christ to understand that God has a perspective on this. There is a Godly justice that seeks to make things right when one person blocks another persons access to the blessings that God intends for everyone. It is my heart’s desire to see more people who work in the field of technology rise to the opportunity to fulfill God’s high calling of compassion and justice.

A couple notes about this video

I mention http://www.ncomputing.com in this video. I am inspired by their vision and their product. If anyone is interested in finding out more about Ncomputing. You can email Charlie Williams at: cwilliams@ncomputing.com

This video post is part of a longer talk I gave about people, Jesus, justice and technology at the 2009 Ministry Tech Conference.  I want to honor the efforts of a friend of mine, Terrell Sanders, He puts on these conferences to help leaders and professionals who serve Christ in the fields of communications and technology. You can find his ministry at http://www.ministrytech.org and http://www.ministrycom.org. After the conferences he packages and sells content to cover expenses. To be clear, I don’t receive anything for mentioning his ministry here. I just want to write him a note of encouragment and pass on my gratitude for his heart and his ministry. If you are interested in supported Terrell’s efforts you can purchase resources at http://ministrycom.org/store/

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