Workplace Ministry

I often here people say that the church is really a business and should be run like a business. I must admit they have a point. Some of the basic principles of a business plan or even the accountability of a P & L are just good practices. Churches would do well to apply them appropriately to ministry.

However, I wonder if we have this whole church/business thing turned around. I wonder what would happen if instead of asking how we can run our churches more like a business, we started asking how we could treat our work places more like a ministry?

I am not talking only to bosses and business owners. Every person who believes in Christ has the power to be a minister of Christ right where they are.

So this question is for all of us who call Christ Lord. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, How can we make our work places be more like ministries?

I you are wondering how to answer this question, you could start by learning about your main purpose on Earth.

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