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Willow I.T. in the D.R. – Day 4

Day 4 and things continue to move forward slowly but surely. I continue to be absolutely amazed by Brett and Arman. They are both working so hard and they continue to be positive and optimistic no matter what kind of obstacles come their way. I would definitely work with these guys anywhere in the world.

As seems to be the case with trips like this. It doesn’t look like we will finish everything we set out to accomplish. At ICC we still have to place phones, configure the phone switch and connect to the outside world. Then we have to get all those little issues that come up during that process completed.

At Willow’s D.R. office, we still need to get the server back on line, get a printer server configured and program 2 phones.

We should be able to get all this done tomorrow, we hope and pray.

All that said, we still stabilized the power and network at Willow’s D.R. office, installed a video conferencing system at Willow’s D.R. office  and installed and terminated 1300 feet of cable and the phone switch hardware at ICC. It has been a great joint effort between our brothers and sisters at ICC and us.

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