The Discipline of Gratitude

The message in the following clip was hilarious, but sobering to me. We are a spoiled generation. Today I am deciding to choose joy and gratitude daily. Everyday, I am going to find at least one thing to be thankful for. I confess it is easy for me to be depressed. So many people I know are suffering. We have close friends who are dying of cancer, others who are fighting to stay alive, others who are in danger of losing their business. I am dealing with chronic pain in my hips. So many people are suffering with hunger, poverty and injustice around the world. It is so hard to see hope. Yet God has blessed us in so many ways. Everything is amazing and no one is happy because we all think God and the world owes us something. I must not fall into this trap. My wife and I must lead our kids away from this trap. So in a feeble way, I will write out at least one thing I am thankful for everyday. It sounds remedial and pathetic…like something a child would do in elementary school. Perhaps we all to go back to elementary school when it comes to Gratitude.

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