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Open Source Education

This is just a short post today…I promise. Not long ago I was speaking with a dear friend and mentor of mine back in the Chicagoland area. His name is Dave¬†Braunschweig. Dave is a professor at a local college up there. The guy is one of those super scary smart people, a amazing teach and he constantly comes up a useful things do with technology.

He and I were discussing technology and education and Dave shared something with me that he is doing with www.wikiversity.org. I thought it was so cool that want wanted to share it with you.

Dave is using Wikiversity as the platform to design his curriculum for classes. Of course, as I understand it, a student would still have to pay the college he works for to take tests and get official credit. But still…having free access to audit a curriculum planned by skilled and talented educators is a pretty cool idea.

Check out one of his courses out there…
Internet Protocol Analysis http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Internet_protocol_analysis

Keep up the great work Dave…