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Virtual Server Platform Survey (Results)

I recently asked posted an informal survey asking a few friends about which virtualization platform they prefer. I only received a few responses, however, I still found the information helpful since the responses I did receive came from a relatively wide range of organizational types and sizes. I expected a higher number of people voting for HyperV, and I suspect that if I would have pushed a little harder for responses from some of my peers I would have seen a higher percentage of people who are pro HyperV. Nevertheless, The results seem to loosely tie to a current ongoing tech debate on the subject hosted by Network World so I am satisfied with the results. I will probably write more on this in the future, since I, of course have my own opinions on the subject. However, I won’t bore you with that now. For now, I’ll just post the results I have below.


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Not everyone took the time to explain why they preferred their platform of choice. Those who did wrote the following:

  • Mature Platform…Great experience with it [VMWare]…Very rich set of tools .
  • Experience, stability, its what we know [VMWare], the freeware is an option for some but not others.
  • Hyper-V might be a great choice in your situation. The value proposition is great: rich feature set and cheap.  In spite of this, VMWare is still a great choice because of the availability of consultants and trained experts. There’s a lot to be said for sticking to what you know and what is the most easily supported.
  • I tried HyperV 2012 and it works fine in a small environment.  But, once you connect iSCSI to it and start getting more professional.  It wasn’t passing its own tests.  I was trying to connect it with FreeNAS.  I even rebuilt my storage into windows 2008 R2 with a SCSI initiator…  I switched back to VMWare 5.x and bam!  Fast and nice and stable!
  • excellent stability, tools, and support [VMWare].
  • We have clients who use all of them.  The stability in VMWare is unsurpassed.  We have had nightmare issues with Hyper-V and avoid it if at all possible.
  • [HyperV] Built into the product, better mgmt across apps, much lower cost.
  • Market share Reliability Stability  [VMWare


Other demographic Information


Please Note: In this questions that other category was represented by Consultants and value added resellers.

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