Preparing for Jesus – Just Be – Advent, Days 19 & 20

Did you ever have one of those days when your brain is just done for the day. I would have to say that the past 2 days ended as “brain done” days for me. Don’t get me wrong. I get work with great people..and we have having a blast serving churches with technology solutions. My family and I are really enjoying our new adventure in Memphis, Tennessee. But lets face it…I am an intense individual and my current assignment in life is equally as intense.

For the past several days, with a desire to slow down and spend more time with God,  I have been taking significant amounts of time to pray and reflect on this amazing event in history we call Christmas. It has had a profound impact on my soul. This evening, in the wake of a couple days filled with a bit of insane focus and activity at work, as I was reading through Luke 1:26-56, I just had a sense that God was saying to me, “For once Mike don’t think, don’t process, JUST BE.” The passage I read really had no direct message on the subject of being still. Tonight’s passage is an account of the birth of Jesus ending with Mary’s song.

It is a profound passage to be sure…Mary’s faith and faithfulness is amazing to me…but see…there I go again thinking…Ah the exhale of taking a moment to let a beautiful promise in the Bible wash over me. Why is it that it takes a “brain done” state at the end of a hurried day to truly enjoy a “just be” moment with God. What if we could really eliminate hurry from our lives every day. What kinds of “JUST BE” moments with God could we have then.

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