Motorola Mobile Devices Business Goes Google

A good friend of mine at Willow worked on this video shoot recently. I was very bummed that I was out that day, It would have been very cool to be at Motorola to ask some firsthand questions about Google Apps. Alright…Here’s the deal. I actually think Google’s Cloud Computing approach to messaging and collaboration is a very good idea. I have been following the progress of Google Apps for years. I even have my own account and domain on the platform… Why do I have such a hard time trusting them? Still, I am finding it hard not to consider this platform as an alternative to Exchange. Motorola is expecting to save a considerable amount of money moving to this platform. Check out the video my friend worked on…I would love to hear others thoughts on this.

All I ask is that you spare me the hype and the web 2.0 buzzwords…been there…done that…I would love to hear some sober analysis…pros and cons of this platform…Thanks in advance for your feedback…

3 thoughts on “Motorola Mobile Devices Business Goes Google

  1. Shawn Ross


    We’ve been a Google Apps user for >1 year now, and I am extremely happy with the service. Being able to provide the collaboration tools without the IT costs overhead has been a huge win for us, especially as budgets tighten and shrink. Currently we have ~100 users, and we are moving to implement the full feature set.

    Our original plan was to first get the email and calendar tools in place, and get the users introduced to them. That has gone well, and the buy-in by users on the interfaces is steadily growing. Training has been the main hurdle we’ve faced at this point.

    If you would like any more info, please let me know. I’m happy to oblige.

    1. Mike Gold Post author

      Thank you Shawn for the very helpful information… This is exactly the kind of info I have been looking for…

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