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For those just tuning into this blog…It has been a while since I have posted anything. Candidly, I have simply been busy…but…I also just decided to take a break from what Brian Cooley of CNET called an “orgy of self promotion.” …just got a little tired of reading about people walking their dogs or washing their cars. I got really tired seeing Mafia Wars pop up on my facebook.. Anyway… enough ranting about that. On to better thoughts. I still very much enjoy writing and I had a thought the other day… I was thinking about all the amazing people that God has brought into my life over the years. I have had more mentors in my life than I deserve.

As I move into new opportunities to serve God and people, I thought perhaps it might be a good idea to write down some of the gifts of wisdom I have received from others. Though most of them will hate the notion, they are the people who deserve promotion. As for me, I just don’t want to lose what they have graciously given me to the noise of everyday life. Noise that so can so easily drown out and make me forget  the things in life that matter most. So in short, to all the people I have learn from over the years, to all the people who continue to speak truth to me even now… I write, as loudly, clearly and sincerely as I can…THANK YOU! I started to write that this Category is dedicated to you, but that would be a lie. The truth is, I will be writing the following posts for me.  After all these years I am still hungry for God’s wisdom…a great deal of which He delivered through you. Today I need His wisdom more than ever. I am simply writing your lessons to me so they sink deeper into my soul and so that I don’t forget…

So stay tuned…I can’t wait to introduce you to a man named George Stoms…Just a guy who follows God’s Word and tells the truth in love…. My next post will be about the top 5 things I learned from him…

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