Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way…

Back in my earlier days of ministry, I learned a phrase that has stuck with me through the years….lead, follow or get our of the way. I know…it sounds kind of harsh in world where everyone wants to feel the love. However, I think it is something that we all need to hear. If you are going into work this morning and you have a clear, productive, picture of what you or your organization can do to make a bigger difference our world with the best hours of your day than lead…That is…develop followers that will help everyone get to this new cool destination. If you don’t… then find the leaders and follow them.

If the community that you spend precious time supporting isn’t going anywhere and there are no leaders helping everyone get from point A to point B. Well…that is another story. It is, of course, up to you how you spend your one and only life…I would leave.

That covers the “lead” and “follow” part of this little post. However, If you can’t develop followers and you are unwilling to follow… then this is for you. Perhaps today you are heading into to an organization that is changing. You’ve been there for 25 years and you just don’t see why you have to change. The destination is clear, and there is a new community forming around a new movement that actually looks promising. However, you just don’t like it. You are unconvinced yet you linger. Maybe you hope the change won’t stick, maybe you are thinking that if you stay long enough everything will return to back to “normal.”

I hate to spit in your oatmeal this morning, however, candidly, you had better hope that it doesn’t go back to “normal.” Many organizations die slow horrible deaths leaving thousands jobless because they didn’t think they needed to change. So… If you are heading into work this morning and you find yourself unable to lead and unable to follow… then I recommend that it is time to get out of the way…You owe to yourself and the organization you serve to find a place where you can spend the best hours of your day leading and following.

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  1. Debbie Scariano

    I love this!!!


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