Just so I don’t forget…

Did you ever have one of those God moments? You know…an experience…I moment…unmistakeably…God.

Well last week I had one of those moments with God.

…I was watching a show. It was just one of those somewhat predictable crime solving shows that I like to watch where the good guys win most of the time. This particular episode had a bunch of holocaust footage it…I wasn’t expecting it. They showed a flashback in time where family of 4 all get shot in the head by Nazis. First the Dad , then each child, then the mom. It was completely graphic. After they showed that scene, they showed a bunch of actual photos from concentration camps at that time. I couldn’t stop thinking of my own daughters and the shear tear terror that must have ripped through the hearts and mind of husbands, wives, fathers, daughters, mother and sons as they were separated forever. I simply can’t imagine what it must have been like for a father to know that his little girl might be tortured and killed.  I guess you could say it wrecks me. I don’t know why it always wrecks me. I realize that I have a Jewish heritage. But it happened at a different time in history. When I was a kid, my family experienced some minor antisemitism. But today…I live in complete comfort. My daughters are proud of their heritage…most importantly…we believe that Jesus was the messiah and that God has made his salvation available to all people. No favoritism. Complete reconciliation through Christ.

Still…I guess I can’t help but think that something like Nazi Germany could still happen to my family…even today. Maybe it’s irrational…I don’t know. But pendulums swing wide in our world. It really doesn’t seem to matter what kind of blood runs through our veins or what we believe. We can be, Black, Red, Yellow or White, African, Israeli, Indian, Native American, Palestinian, Irish, British, German, Asian, Latino, or Eskimo. Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Communist, Believer or Atheist. The point is…no one is immune to oppression and injustice.

It is so amazing to me that we have so many innovations and technologies to improve the quality of our lives…but…I am so sorry to say…that we really have not changed much…have we.

I just keep finding myself praying more and more…Jesus…please…please…come soon.

Anyway…until He comes I intend, with every fiber of my being, to be Jesus with skin on. To bring some kind of hope and love into this mess we call civilization. So if I have to bow or rise, follow or lead. I WILL NOT let anything make me sink. I am out of the boat and I will stay on the water. I will follow Christ and talk to anyone who will listen… I believe more than ever…that God through Christ is our only hope.

I needed to write this down… This moment happened last week and at that time I wanted to capture it forever. I felt absolutely no fear. At that moment everything seemed petty in light of the gaping need our world has that only Christ can fill.

Come soon lord Jesus…come soon

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