I would appreciate your vote…

I recently entered a video contest sponsored by Smart Technologies. http://www.smarttech.com. Smart Technologies provide cool educational technology like the SmartBoard.  They were calling for people to make a promo video for them highlighting our use of Smart Board without actually mentioning the name of our school.

Every day, starting today, through Friday, please VOTE for our VIDEO! Smarttech has some pretty cool prizes for the winners of this contest. Items that my childrens’ school could really use. Here’s what we could win:

  • SMART Response system (32 pack)
  • SMART Audio system
  • SMART Document Camera

Here’s what you need to do to vote…:

  • You can watch the video below…

  • After you watch the video… click on the following link. You will be required to register. It’s a site for teachers so I think it’s pretty safe.
  • Once you register it should take you to the video…If it doesn’t click on the link above again.
  • Now you can VOTE! You can vote by clicking on the stars at the upper right of the video page. Please give us 5 STARS!
  • Feel free to click on the favorite button at the bottom as well.
  • Finally…You can vote once daily…

Thank you in advance to those willing to help us out.

3 thoughts on “I would appreciate your vote…

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  2. Brenda Klockenga

    Click on the Five Stars to vote – vote five stars for the highest vote!

  3. Robert D. Platt

    Well presented. The video was relevant and reliable in regards to both the students and teachers needs.


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