Technology and the Heart

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I had a great opportunity recently to speak to the young adult community at Hope Church.

In this message I unpack two paths…

One is an example of utter Self Centeredness…Rebellion against God that leads to a life of futility, isolation and misguided fear. The other is a picture of what a God Centered life can look like. One that can lead to true purpose, community and love.

As I think about the Self Centered Path, is the world really any different than that is was back in the time of Babel? Now the whole world can connect more easily than ever…we can “make a name for ourselves” more easily than than ever….technology gives us more access to information, comfort and convenience than ever before.  With all that we have at the touch of a finger or the sound of our voice, do we feel any less futile…less isolated …less fearful? Do we long any less for Purpose, Community and Love than we did thousands of years ago?

If your want to find purpose, community and love then I urge you to ruthlessly pursue and practice inefficiency, inconvenience, and even discomfort when it comes to seeking purpose, community and love…First with God then with People.

There was nothing efficient, convenient or even comfortable about God’s love for us. In Fact….Throughout history we have turned our backs on God consistently. Yet he continues to reach out to us persistently…Roman’s 5:8 reads… But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. You would think that with all that humanity has been through…we would learn that we can’t find purpose, community and love without God…Even so…It seems that each generation tries to build it’s own new and improved version of the tower of Babel.

…Nevertheless…Jesus still died for us so that we could have a relationship with him…a relationship with God is not always convenient. It is not always efficient and it is not always comfortable but it always brings purpose…community…and love…

Let’s apply this principle to our relationships with people that we care about.

I am not talking about the hundreds or thousands of friends and followers that you have on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When you really care about someone, true relationships are rarely efficient, caring for someone is rarely convenient and I can’t think of one time when I have ever heard anyone say that they were comfortable going through difficult times like conflict, loss or illness with a close friend or a loved one.

So What is our voice activated…connected world of social media and technical convenience incapable of affecting when it comes to our Heart? It can’t give us purpose…It can’t deliver community and it can’t give us true love. Only God can bring about these things through Christ…

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