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Could it be?…Real Exchange Support on a Mac? – Oh I hope so…

A good friend of mine, who happens to be a MAC guru, recommended that, like any other major O.S. upgrade, we hold off upgrading to Snow Leopard until we can see how it will impact our environment. This is especially true in our music, audio and video editing departments where we have a whole bunch of third party hardware supporting our various content creation and editing work-flows.

That said, I am still very much looking forward to testing Snow Leopard on my Mac. I have been very happy with my decision to switch to a Mac as my primary computer at work. However, even though my user experience on the Mac has been great, I must admit, I have really missed using Outlook 2007. MS Exchange 2007, with all of its support for mobile users, has really served us well at Willow Creek. With this platform we have been able support all major mobile email devices. Personally, I have also been very happy with Outlook 2007. I think Microsoft did very well with that software. I do not feel that Microsoft has done so well with Entourage. In fact, I really can’t stand Entourage. And please…no comments on how I can use Parallels or VMware Fusion to run Outlook…been there…done that. It was very inefficient for me to install an entire secondary Operating system on my computer just to run an email program…and Visio. But I digress…

I write all of this because I am very hopeful that Snow Leopard will offer a significant improvement to MS Exchange corporate email support. I like the concept that Exchange support has been added to tools already integrated into the MacOS. I will also be looking to see how well it supports Macbook/Exchange users and AD integration when the Macbook is offline or outside of our internal AD network.

If you are like me and have not had a chance to install Snow Leopard and see it first hand…Here are a couple Cnet videos that demonstrate some of the new features offered by Snow Leopard.

Get Exchange Email in MacOS.

Snow Leopard First Look

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