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Live Video – Karlsruhe, Germany Kongress 2010

The Germany Leadership Conference 2010 – Program Feed.


Video Broadcast Control Room Live… Audio is on…
Video may take a couple moments to load…please be patent…Marty that’s for you…


Kongress Images…


Broadcast Control Room - Karlsruhe, Germany Kongress 2010

Band Rehearsal Karlsruhe Germany Kongress 2010

Band Rehearsal Karlsruhe Germany Kongress 2010

Arrived Safely In Germany…

Alright…I am having one of those wake up in the middle of the night jet lag spells…so I thought I would post a quick entry about our first day…

I am, of course very tired as usual after a safe but very bumpy airplane  ride from Chicago to Frankfurt. The weather when we landed was cloudy, foggy and cold, about 32F… basically just like home…

Once we got our luggage we drove for about 90 minutes through I think…the Black Forest and the foot hills of the Alps, to our Hotel…I write…I think…because it was so foggy that it was hard to see anything…or maybe that was the jet lag…I’m not sure…

After we arrived at our Hotel  and had some lunch we ran over to the venue just to take a look at our space…Our venue this year is huge…It is hard to image now, but this, what used to be huge air plane hanger turned huge venue, will be transformed into a worship center in the next couple days….


Click Image to view larger...Dm-Arena Karlsruhe, Messeallee 1 76287 RheinsteWen, Germany

After checking out the venue, everyone from the event met up at 6:30 p.m. and went out for dinner…That’s when the real catching up began… I’ll spare you the details of the evening, but let’s just say I under estimated just how much I missed my old friends in Germany…

For those who know Elias Zimmer…You will be happy to know know that he is now engaged, and he couldn’t be happier…He is doing great at work as well and life is great. It was also great to catch up with Daniel, Hartmut, Stefan, Oli and soooo many others in Germany… It was also great to see Shana and Marty, and many other Willow friends who flew in from Chicago and other parts of the States for the event.

I pray for safety, focus, wisdom and a sense of real community in Christ as we begin our week together…both in Germany and Switzerland… work day will begin at just under 4 hours from now…when hopefully, I will be able to set up an internet connection at the venue for us to start streaning…better get some sleep…

Germany Leadership Broadcast Coming Together

OK…It has been a crazy couple of weeks of heads downs planning, configuring and testing…but I believe that the plans for broadcasting the Willow Creek Association Germany’s Leadership Conference 2010 from Germany to Switzerland are coming together. I am so amazed at all the smart people who have come together from Germany and the U.S. to get this broadcast ready. Our hope is to make some significant progress in using web streaming to replace satellite as a broadcast medium. I am not so naive as to think that we will actually say goodbye to satellite broadcasting just because of our efforts…but I would like to think that we are coming closer to a more cost effective, more flexible high quality broadcast platform every time to do this.

I would like to make a shout out Kulabyte and Mankin Media for their gracious and excellent support and for donating an extra encoder license to help make this event a success. I would also like to list just a couple of the names of people who have worked very hard to make this broadcast happen.

Kaminski, Wolf, Becker, Wenzel, Baldwin, Stanger, Wettstein, Bosquet, Bosquet, O’Conner, Eldeiry, Gogarn, Cooke, Satorius…and so many more I am sure I am missing…. Thank you all for all your time and effort…I have learned so much from you.

For those who might be interested…I have posted our final technical drawings for our internet broadcast…I hope you find them helpful.

Broadcast Plans for Germany Kongress 2010

New Player for my friends in Germany and Switzerland 2010

Below is a video walk through of the player along with some player images. HD viewing recommended…

This post goes out to my friends in Germany and Switzerland who are working on the live broadcast of the Leitungskongress,  28.-30. Januar 2010 from Rheinstetten, Germany to Winterthur, Switzerland.

Thanks to help from our friends and Mankin Media, Multicast Media and Akamai’s Open Video Player, I have been able to assemble a decent, lightweight video player that should playback high quality video…I will be sending the player out directly to the team since it has been optimized for the event.

Player with content, including live view of stream data.

ProFlash Player 1.0 extends Flash Video Playback beyond the browser.