A Conversation With Godfrey (A Song In Memory of Godfrey Viegas)


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Dr. Godfrey ViegasNovember 8, 1963 - July 23, 2010

Words have been in short supply lately. Shocking…I know. Let’s just say that God has taught me a great deal over this past year and I am thankful for His great love and peace. One thing that God sparked in my life recently is a renewed love for music. I had almost forgotten how much I love to play. And then God brought Godfrey Viegas into my life.

This is a song I wrote in memory of Dr. Godfrey Viegas, a dear family friend who went to be with Christ almost one year ago on July 23, 2010. Godfrey probably never new how much he inspired me to get back into music. I don’t know that I will ever be able to play guitar as well as this gifted doctor, father, artist and most importantly, follower of Christ…and this is my first attempt at writing and playing jazz guitar, walking bass, etc….But I will forever be thankful for the simple joy that Godfrey helped me rediscover in playing music.

The song is entitled a Conversion with Godfrey after my friend Glenn listened to the song and told me that it reminded him of a conversation between two friends. When I heard him describe the song that way I thought…perfect…For me this song is a reminder of the few times I had the privilege to play with Godfrey and all the conversations I missed…but most of all I hope it captures his energy, joy and passion for music.

Just over one year ago my family and I were just returning to Memphis from visiting the Viegas family. During that visit we had when last chance to capture Godfrey’s talent on video before God took him home just days later. You can check out some of this video and other examples of Godfrey’s work at http://www.youtube.com/godfreyviegas.

Thank You God for Godfrey Viegas…for how You blessed many through him.

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