A Simple Christmas

Sometimes it’s a gift just to hang out with family and friends. I think I spend almost every waking hour in the pursuit of one mission or another. Being absolutely convinced that this world needs the Love of God through Christ, I see so much need, so much injustice, so much suffering…so much opportunity to show this love…it can be overwhelming. With all of that in mind, sometimes I forget that it is O.K. for us to enjoy the simple things in life. I forget that spending time with family and friends is a true gift from God. I forget that, in the midst of all the need in our world, God reaches out to us with simple moments of pure joy. To the common observer, these moments look like nothing more than common everyday routines with co-workers, neighbors, family and friends. Make no mistake. Every breath, every smile, every moment we get to spend with the people we love is a profound gift from a creator who is absolutely crazy about us. As I think about the concept of how a creator of the entire universe might reach out to us, not through what might outwardly appear as grand, but through what might appear as common, I am overwhelmed with amazement and wonder. It is the idea,  celebrated during this season, of the Almighty King of the Universe reaching out to me through a simple baby, born to common people, in an obscure location, that reminds me to treasure all God’s gifts that may look simple. Perhaps it is the simple gifts that are most profound.

The video below captured just a few of those simple moments…

2 thoughts on “A Simple Christmas

  1. Clif Guy

    Hey Mike. Thanks for sharing that. Have a blessed Christmas.

  2. John Mury

    Nice vid, Mike. Your thoughts remind me of the whole “Reason for the Season” theme. From God’s perspective, it might be true to say that the reason for the season is you — you, your family, your friends, all humanity. It was for us and even for moments like these that he came, that we might have life, life to the full… in him. May you enjoy the reason for the season this year!


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