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Outlook 2011 – Mac | How to Create and Use Contact Groups

I have received a bunch of feedback about how frustrated users are with Contact Groups in Outlook 2011 for Mac. I hope this video reduces your frustration.    

Technology and the Heart

Listen to or Download this message. I had a wonderfully opportunity recently to speak to the young adult community at Hope Church. What a great community of people. In this message I unpack to paths… One is an example of utter Self Centeredness…Rebellion against God that leads to a life of futility, isolation and misguided fear. The other is a pictureRead the Rest…

Test Your Knowledge of Black History


In honor of Black History month my dear pastor friend in Chicago posted a short quiz in the church Bulletin last weekend.   I decided to post some of the questions here…  It is inspiring to learn the amazing things that Black Americans have done to make this country great. Test your knowledge of Black History in the U.S.    

There’s No Fear In Love

As I take a few moments to pause with God at the start of my day, today’s “verse of the day” at BibleGateway.com really caught me this morning. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18 NIVRead the Rest…

Cutting Edge Tech Demo for Ministry

This video really speaks for itself and would have been perfect in 1985.

Workplace Ministry

I often here people say that the church is really a business and should be run like a business. I must admit they have a point. Some of the basic principles of a business plan or even the accountability of a P & L are just good practices. Churches would do well to apply them appropriately to ministry. However, I wonder if weRead the Rest…

Virtual Server Platform Survey (Results)

I recently asked posted an informal survey asking a few friends about which virtualization platform they prefer. I only received a few responses, however, I still found the information helpful since the responses I did receive came from a relatively wide range of organizational types and sizes. I expected a higher number of people voting for HyperV, and I suspectRead the Rest…

Purpose and Privilege (an invitation to love and to purpose)

The  purpose of his physical presence on Earth was so crystal clear in his mind that given the opportunity for fame, Jesus withdrew. Given the opportunity for power, Jesus withdrew. When he was given the opportunity to defend himself when He was falsely accused, Jesus withdrew. The only time Jesus didn’t withdraw was when he had opportunities to love God andRead the Rest…

A Legacy of Love and Justice


When I think of the heroes like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from our past who have paid so much for the freedoms that we take for granted, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Why is Martin Luther King Jr. such a hero to me?   I can tell you that it is not because he walked on water, because heRead the Rest…

I.T. vs Users – Part 2
(Value & Trust vs. Scope & Process)

Yesterday I wrote a description of I.T. from one perspective and a description of computer technology users from another. Today I started writing a list of practical disciplines for end users and technology pros to hopefully gain a better understanding of each other. As I started crafting the list I quickly realized that there is way too much information about these disciplinesRead the Rest…